Internships & Apprenticeships

Through participation in internships and apprenticeships, students can build employability and work readiness skills while applying school-based learning to specific careers. The DCPS Career Prep Team offers direct internship programming as well as support to several partners throughout the city who lead internship & apprenticeship programs for high school students.

Career Bridge

The DCPS Career Bridge program provides opportunities for students to receive career coaching while participating in paid school-year internships with the potential to continue into the summer.

Career Ready Internship (CRI)

OSSE's Career Ready Internship (CRI) program is an opportunity for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to participate in paid summer internships aligned to their CTE career cluster.

Advanced Internship Program (AIP)

OSSE's Advanced Internship Program (AIP) is an opportunity for CTE students to participate in paid and credit-bearing internships aligned with their CTE program of study during the school year.

CareerWise DC (CWDC)

CareerWise DC provides students with a two- to three-year paid apprenticeship in high-demand fields. Students can earn debt-free college credit and nationally-recognized industry certifications through paid work experience.