CareerWise DC (CWDC)

CareerWise DC (CWDC) offers a two- or three-year applied-learning environment for high school students. With a paid apprenticeship, students earn debt-free college credit and nationally-recognized industry certifications through meaningful paid work experience in the IT, financial services, and business operations fields.


Opportunity type



Two or three years (varies)

Grade level(s)

11th, 12th, Alumni

Paid or unpaid

Paid, hourly rate varies


First Year: 12-16 hours per week
Second Year: 20-24 hours per week
Third Year: 32+ hours per week

CTE status

N/A (not required)


In-person, virtual, or hybrid

Resume required


Interview required


Transportation available

Upon request

Registration period

Rolling basis (ongoing applications)

CWDC Eligibility

To be eligible for CWDC, students must be:

  • A DC high school junior, senior, or recently graduated alumnus
  • A student who is interested in gaining direct career experience after high school graduation
  • A student who is eligible for high school early release

Student Benefits

CWDC participants will…

  • Gain paid, real-work experience
  • Obtain debt-free college credit
  • Earn nationally-recognized industry certification
  • Develop transferable workplace skills
  • Experience career coaching
  • Have access to a direct pipeline to long-term employment in their industry
  • Build their resume

Program Requirements

To participate in CWDC, students must:

  • Create an online profile via the CareerWise DC website
  • Receive DCPS scheduling approval
  • Apply online as positions become available
  • Complete required onboarding steps dependent on employer specifics (may include background check, interview, etc.)

Host Employers

Interested in hosting an apprentice through CareerWise DC?
Contact CityWorks to learn more: