Metro Police Department Cadets

The Police Cadet Program is designed to prepare candidates for entrance into the Metropolitan Police Officer Recruit Program and ensures that a steady stream of District of Columbia youth are actively recruited as future police officers. Cadets are 17-24 year-old uniformed civilian employees, working part time for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) while attending the University of the District of Columbia. The Department funds up to 60 college credits to enable District residents with a high school degree from a District high school or a GED to meet the college education requirement. Cadets must earn up to sixty (60) college credits at the University of the District of Columbia Community College to satisfy MPD's police recruit entrance requirement. The program helps cadets develop the leadership and analytical thinking skills required to meet the challenges of their complex roles as problem-solvers, service providers, and professionals in the criminal justice system of the 21st century. Recruits will spend part of their time working specific job assignments to support the day-to-day operations of the MPD, perform rotating assignments among the districts and divisions, and gain familiarization with the daily operations of the Department. ***Cadets will get a $5,000 conversion bonus when they become officers and they are eligible for the $6,000 in rental housing assistance once they become recruits.

Position/Opportunity: Police Cadet Program (MPD)

Salary: $47,699/year


Be a US citizen by birth or naturalization at the time of application
Reside in the District of Columbia and agree to remain a resident until completion of the program
Be between 17 and 24 years of age
Have one of the following:
Be currently enrolled in a District of Columbia high school; OR
Graduate of a District of Columbia high school and received a diploma; OR
Recipient of a GED issued by the District of Columbia.

Application Requirements:

Mandatory orientation
Undergo a panel interview
If under the age of 18, receive permission from parents or guardian
Undergo a background investigation (criminal checks, references, employment, social media, traffic, credit check, etc.)
Take a polygraph examination
Pass a medical examination (drug screening, at least 20/100 vision or correctable 20/30 in both eyes, proportionate height and weight as measured by percentage of body fat)

Deadline: March 21, 2024