Makeup Artistry (Bennett Career Institute)

The Makeup 101 Program at Bennett Career Institute is a certificate program that does not require students to take a State exam upon completion. This 60-clock-hour program is designed to introduce students to the art of makeup application and provide them with a basic understanding of foundational skills. Upon completion of the program, students will be qualified to pursue entry-level positions at department store beauty counters, salons, or as independent contractors. Throughout the program, students will receive instruction and training in various aspects of makeup application, including skin care, client consultation, eye color, foundation blending, and full-face application. Additionally, the curriculum covers topics related to the business of makeup. Bennett Career Institute (BCI) cultivates skilled professionals in cosmetology, barbering, instruction, management, and makeup artistry. They offer comprehensive programs to guide students through every aspect of their chosen curriculum, ensuring they are fully prepared to excel in their fields. BCI offers open enrollment, allowing students to enroll at any time throughout the year. Both day and evening classes are available to accommodate the needs of both full-time and part-time students.


Applicants must be able to provide the following documents:
1. High school diploma, GED, or valid transcripts
2. Birth certificate or social security card
3. Government-issued ID (driver’s license or state ID)

Application Requirements:

1. Complete a BCI Enrollment Application
2. Interview with an Admissions Representative