Hair Braiding (Bennett Career Institute)

The Braiding 101 Course Is A 100 Clock Hour Course Of Study Which Will Include Instruction In The Following: Career Opportunities, Infection control, Professional Success, Hair types & their differences, hair & scalp disorders, Basic Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition, Shampoo/Conditioning & Rinsing, Texture hair is manageable, natural hair & Braids Sculpting techniques. Upon completion of the Braiding Course, students will be fully equipped with the skills necessary to pass the state board examination required for a braider's license. Additionally, students will understand the importance of projecting a positive and professional image at all times. The course will cover subject matter through a variety of instructional methods, including instructor lectures, audio-visual presentations, practical demonstrations, class discussions, theory worksheets, written and practical evaluations, and hands-on practice on each other and mannequins. Bennett Career Institute (BCI) cultivates skilled professionals in cosmetology, barbering, instruction, management, and makeup artistry. They offer comprehensive programs to guide students through every aspect of their chosen curriculum, ensuring they are fully prepared to excel in their fields. BCI offers open enrollment, allowing students to enroll at any time throughout the year. Both day and evening classes are available to accommodate the needs of both full-time and part-time students.

Position/Opportunity: Hair Braiding (Bennett Career Institute)


Applicants must be able to provide the following documents:
1. High school diploma, GED, or valid transcripts
2. Birth certificate or social security card
3. Government-issued ID (driver’s license or state ID)

Application Requirements:

1. Complete a BCI Enrollment Application
2. Interview with an Admissions Representative