Food Handler (UDC WDLL)

The UDC Division of Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning (WDLL) provides District of Columbia residents with FREE job skills training that enables them to pursue employment opportunities. WDLL focuses on industries that provide the highest number of employment opportunities within the District and in the metropolitan area. Classes are offered in-person, virtual, or hybrid depending on the course and the semester. Food handlers are typically involved in the packing, preparing, storing, or serving of food items that are sold to customers. They are employed by food manufacturing or packaging companies, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and cafeterias where they follow proper food handling procedures to ensure that food items are safe for human consumption.

Position/Opportunity: Food Handler

Salary: none


Must be 18+ years of age
Must be a DC resident and able to provide proof

Application Requirements:

CASAS testing (Reading 228, Math 215)
NorthStar Assessment

Start Date: August 19, 2024

Deadline: August 16, 2024