Drywall Finisher Apprentice

Tapers, or Drywall Finishers prepare the panels for painting by taping and finishing the joints and imperfections in the drywall surface. A Drywall Decorator will provide a decorative finish to the installed and prepared drywall panels. Drywall consists of a thin layer of gypsum between two layers of heavy paper. It is both faster and cheaper to install than plaster and is, therefore, widely used today in most buildings on both ceilings and walls. A Drywall Finisher Apprentice is expected to do the following jobs: Tape joints and touch up nail holes, scrapes, and other imperfections; Install corner guards, conceal openings around pipes; Perform mathematical calculations and read blueprints; Estimate the cost of installing and finishing drywall; provide decorative wall coverings to finished drywall panels.

Position/Opportunity: Drywall Finisher Apprentice (Finishing Trades Institute)


Must be 18+ years of age
High school diploma/GED
Must have adequate transportation to the learning site

Application Requirements:

Complete Application
Provide all needed documentation
Complete 4 essay questions in application
Complete drug screening

Deadline: March 21, 2024