Cosmetology (Ballou STAY)

The Ballou S.T.A.Y. Cosmetology program is a part-time program designed to teach and prepare adult students for the state board exam. It is required in order to obtain licensing in the District of Columbia. Courses of Study Include: Upon completion of the Ballou STAY Cosmetology Program, students will: * Master the craft of Cosmetology * Develop a great work ethic * Explore their creativity * Think outside the box * Possess the knowledge and skills to obtain a Cosmetology License Class Schedule: The Ballou STAY Cosmetology Program follows the DCPS Schedule (no exceptions) Requirements For Graduation: *1500 hours of Practical and Theory work *Mastery of Practical and Academic work required by the State Board State Board Exam: Testing information can be found at

Position/Opportunity: Cosmetology (Ballou STAY)


Must enroll at DCPS
Must be a DC resident and able to provide proof

Application Requirements:

Complete DCPS Enrollment