Commercial Painter/Wall Cover Apprentice

Commercial Painters apply decorative and protective finishes. They prepare a variety of surfaces (wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, concrete, synthetics, stucco, and metal) prior to the application of materials such as paint, high performance coatings, waterproofing, fireproofing, varnish, shellac, wall coverings, and special decorative finishes. Commercial Painters are employed by construction companies, painting contractors, or building maintenance contractors. They work on projects such as building interiors, exteriors, residential high rises, and wall covering work. Some painters work for years on a single site; others may work for contractors that rarely work on the same site more than once.

Position/Opportunity: Commercial Painter/Wall Cover Apprentice


Must be 18+ years of age
High school diploma/GED
Must have adequate transportation to the learning site


Key attributes for people entering this trade are manual dexterity, excellent color and artistic aptitude. Good physical condition is important because the work often requires considerable standing, kneeling, and repetitive activities such as brushing and rolling. Commercial Painters must have an eye for detail, the ability to plan work and the knowledge of many types of finishes, their properties, and their applications. Painters must be able to calculate areas and relate such calculations to required materials. Good communications and customer service skills are required by Painters who often interact with home/business owners, contractors, interior designers and architects.

Application Requirements:

Complete Application
Provide all needed documentation
Complete 4 essay questions in application
Complete drug screening

Deadline: February 24, 2024