Class B Commercial Driver’s License (DCIA)

DCIA coordinates, trains, screens, and recruits District residents to fulfill the needs of the infrastructure industry and infrastructure jobs with leading companies in this high-demand field. Having a criminal background does not disqualify you, all incidents must be disclosed. Specialize in serving Ward 7 and 8 residents (stipend for classes $16.10/hr)

Position/Opportunity: Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Salary: $16.10/hour


Must be 21+ years of age
Must have a valid driver’s license
Must be a DC resident and able to provide proof
High school diploma/GED

Application Requirements:

Complete online application
Attend the virtual info session
Provide all necessary documents
CASAS Score Requirement (Math 216, Reading 226)

Start Date: June 23, 2024

Deadline: Rolling