HVAC (So Others Might Eat)

The SOME Center for Employment Training (CET) programs take 6 to 9 months to complete and lead to industry certification in the construction trades. Students in the HVAC program learn how to maintain and repair heating and cooling systems. Graduates are qualified to work as HVAC helpers, installers and technicians in offices and residential buildings. After graduation, students are certified and prepared to start their new careers earning on average $18/hour. The training offered through SOME is both practical and hands-on. It includes an externship with one of the Employer Partners so that students can practice their skills in the real world. During the program, students also have access to other services, including housing and healthcare. Programs don't have sessions or semesters, meaning that new students start each week.

Position/Opportunity: HVAC (So Others Might Eat)


Applicants must:
1. Be 18+ years old
2. Have a government-issued photo ID
3. Have a Social Security Card or official documentation from the Social Security Administration
4. Provide proof of a negative COVID TB/PPD test result within the past 12 months
5. Provide proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
6. Test negative for substance use