Coating Applicator Specialist Apprentice

Bridge and Industrial Painters – Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist also Coating Application Specialists (CAS). Bridge and Industrial Painters apply techniques to prepare substrates for coating and lining application. Techniques may include removal of rust, mill scale and previously applied hazardous coating utilizing industry-specific tools and techniques. Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) apply/install protective coatings and linings to steel and concrete on complex structures, such as bridges and towers; waterfront structure, such as locks and dams, ship hulls, offshore platforms, bulkheads, and piers; metal and manufacturing facilities; chemical and processing facilities, such as food processing; food and beverage plants; water and wastewater processing facilities; and conventional and nuclear power generation facilities.

Position/Opportunity: Coating Applicator Specialist Apprentice (Finishing Trades Institute)


Must be 18+ years of age
High school diploma/GED
Must have adequate transportation to the learning site

Application Requirements:

Complete Application
Provide all needed documentation
Complete 4 essay questions in application
Complete drug screening

Deadline: March 21, 2024